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Prof. Dr. Marc Fischer

Foto: ©Lisa Beller

Research Interests

  • Conceptual and empirical research that demonstrates the marketing impact on bottom-line results and firm value (marketing performance management)
  • Marketing-mix optimization
  • Brand management
  • Market response models/econometric modeling

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Marc Fischer has been the director of the Chair for Marketing and Market Research at the University of Cologne since 2011. He is also Professor of Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney. His expertise includes the measurement and management of marketing performance, brand management and the optimization of marketing mix. Dr. Fischer studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim majoring in Marketing, Production and Supply Chain Management, Management Accounting and Anglistics. He received his PhD from the Faculty of Business at the University of Mannheim and his habilitation from the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the Christian-Albrechts-University at Kiel. In 2007, he was appointed a professorship for Marketing & Services at the University of Passau, which he accepted. Dr. Fischer is a Morrison Faculty Fellow at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, Los Angeles. 

His articles have appeared in Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, Management Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Interfaces, and other academic journals. Four articles won major awards or were finalists. Dr. Fischer won the 2009-2010 ISMS-MSI Practice Prize and was a finalist in the 2016 competition. He was also finalist for the 2010 Franz Edelman Award competition on achievements in operations research. He has been awarded with the "VHB Best Paper Award 2011" and was a finalist in 2010. Dr. Fischer serves as Department Editor Marketing for Business Research and was co-editor of Business Administration Review (DBW) from 2013-2017. 


Business Expertise

In 2001 and 2002, Dr. Fischer suspended his academic career to assume a position as associate at McKinsey&Company. Since then he has been consulting with many firms from diverse industries such as automotive, logistics, transportation, media, retail, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, etc.

In 2010, he joined the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB) in Chicago where he serves on the Advisory Council. Dr. Fischer is member of the advisory board of cpi consulting (Berlin), YouGov AG (Cologne), and the Center for Brand Management and Marketing (ZMM) in Hamburg. He was executive director of a German-speaking business study program at the University of Management at Moscow and served as executive director of the Center for Market Research at the Institute for Market Research and Economic Research in Passau.

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