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Management Skills


Group 8: Management Oriented Communication 


            Instructor: Max Backhaus
            Date: January, 13th, 2017; January, 14th, 2017
            Time: tba
            Location: Room 410

            Date: January, 26th, 2017
            Time: tba
            Location: Room S03

            Date: Janurary, 27th, 2017 
            Time: tba
            Location: Room 410


Basic Knowledge

  • Presentation (Theoretical aspects of communication)
  • Exercises (e.g., Elevator pitches, interview techniques, management scenarios)

Several Case Studies

  • Preparation of a 30-minute presentation in groups with respect to a real-world case
  • Presentation and discussion of the presentation in a management scenario
  • Elevator pitches and situational training Individual video-analysis of communication and presentation skills
  • Individual video-analysis of communication and presentation skills

Learning Objectives

  • Further development of communication skills.
  • Learning the ideal-typical processes of a presentation.
  • Conception of a storyline for a presentation.
  • Effective design of slides/graphs.
  • Guidelines for presentations -Self-confident appearance in management-oriented presentations  (body language training and physiscal appearence analysis).
  • Basics of project management and interview techniques.