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Marketing Area Report 2018

Click on the image to download the Marketing Area Report 2018

We are very happy to share with you the 7th edition of the Marketing Area Report. The members of the Marketing Area of the University of Cologne, Professors Hernán Bruno, Marc Fischer, Martin Fritze, Monika Imschloss, André Marchand, Werner Reinartz, Franziska Völckner and their teams of researchers, doctoral students, and secretarial support can look back on a successful 2018 and share the highlights with you. We have had an exciting and productive year on the research front. The range of topics we are interested in is wide: branding performance, advertising effectiveness, multi-channel strategy, amongst others. More and more, our research topics are asking how the digital transformation is changing our understanding on these central marketing topics. Our research approach remains unchanged: we conduct rigorous empirical work to gain insights on relevant marketing phenomena. The output of our work has been published in the top journals of our field and presented at the most important conferences. Moreover, consistent with our view that research should have an impact on practice and society, we have shared our insights in a broad range of outlets, not just academic journals. The details are included in this report. We train our doctoral students and researchers to become leading academics in top institutions. We are delighted to announce in 2018, that Kristina Klein, a post-doctoral researcher, joined the University of Bremen as Professor of Marketing. Samuel Stäbler obtained his doctoral degree and joined Tilburg University as Assistant Professor of Marketing. Developing the next generation of leading researchers is one of our central objectives as a research group, and we are proud what our students and junior colleagues have achieved. In the academic year 2018, we offered a total of 35 courses at the bachelor, master and doctoral level, as well as courses targeted to professionals in the University of Cologne Executive School. We believe in teaching excellence and caring about students; it shows: our courses frequently receive very high to excellent ratings from students and are often among the top courses across business, economics and sociology. A total of 145 students completed their theses at the Marketing Area (93 at the bachelor level and 52 at the master level). Our courses aim to provide a balanced mixed of rigorous thinking and practical advice. Most of our courses have benefitted from guest lectures and talks from managers and business leaders across all industries. Furthermore, our two talent programs for students, ZMM Marketing and More and the Circle of Excellence in Marketing, provide our students and business partners an opportunity to cooperate and learn from each other. We hope you enjoy our annual report. If you would like to know more about our work and vision, or are interested in specific aspects of our research and teaching, please contact us or our team.